Trail 01 | Ocotea

In this unique off-road route we will visit the Madeiran mountains to the north of the Island, along some of the most emblematic and nostalgic routes in the region. Let’s explore one of the most beautiful valleys, protected by the Pico Ruivo and the Pico do Arieiro peaks, an area which is only accessible on foot or with the use of all-terrain vehicles. In this valley surrounded by Laurissilva Forest, where the trails penetrate the grove, you will have the unique opportunity to visit the mysterious dwellings of ancestors such as the oldest trees that exist in this haven of Macronésia, recognised by UNESCO in 1999. And for lovers of Geocaching, it is possible to search for geocaches at stopping points along the route. This trail is undoubtedly one of the Island’s best kept secrets.

  Schedule: Monday to Sunday morning
  Duration: 2h30

 Price p/ Buggy / 2 pax: 130,00 €

Trail 02 | Dust and Mud

This off-road route starts at the Portela viewpoint, where you can admire the beauty of the districts of Porto da Cruz and Faial, near the imposing rock of Penha d’Águia.
The tour continues along the forest road of the Serra das Funduras, where we can observe the magnificent Laurissilva Forest on the northern slope of the Island, considered by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site and included in the European network of sites of Community importance – Natura 2000 Network. Along the trail through this forest you can admire the extraordinary beauty of the endemic flora and fauna of the island of Madeira. The verdigris of the trees, the melodious singing of the birds and the whole environment is almost magical and fantastical. Embrace the natural surroundings while you drive and enjoy unique places where you can relax a little. At the end of the route you will find the “Casa das Funduras”, a beautiful country house that supports the forest activities of the area. This trail is one of the most exciting, in which the driver has to apply himself or herself to overcome all the obstacles of the terrain.

  Schedule: Monday to sunday in the afternoon
  Duration: 3h00

 Price p/ Buggy / 2 pax: 160,00 €

Trail 03 | Culture of North Santana

This of-road course starts in direcction to the heart of the island. Towards the Maciço Central with views over Faial. You will also be able to appreciate endemic species of the fora and fauna. You will appreciate the typical houses of Madeira, and see the peaks of the island that will appear among the clouds that usually form on the slopes, without losing sight of the sea. Trail available under previous reservation, contact us.

  Schedule: Saturday minimum 8 pax for activity Its for groups
  Duration: 5h30

 Price p/ Buggy / 2 pax: 190,00 €

Special Trail

We make it possible for our customers to create or request a route and optional activity, including for groups.

Please contact us with your request and we will do everything to customise a trail for you.

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+351 913 211 323


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